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Our companies face historic
challenges and opportunities

Many aspects of our business context are changing ever more rapidly. As leaders, we need to find solutions for multiple crises. To outperform, we also need to recognize new business opportunities across our supply and value chains to adapt to evolving market trends and upcoming regulations.

ISPO & NOW Partners see unprecedented business opportunities to integrate growth and positive impact. Rather than opposing each other, growing our business and having positive impact on people and planet can become mutually reinforcing. We call this Regenerative Value Creation.

Experience shows that innovative solutions are most successfully born in community. As a community of leaders representing diverse industries, we can discover and test multiple solutions to then decide what best fits our company’s needs. 

ISPO & NOW Partners’ inno labs help you to discover & seize the Regenerative Value Creation potential in your industry. Join one of the following inno labs or suggest another topic: 

Regenerative Value Creation =

making business success and positive impact 
mutually reinforcing

Sample inno lab Opportunity Areas

"If you want to make a difference in sports and society,
join the inno labs, get inspired,
become part of the solution and drive innovation.”

~Tobias Grober, Head of ISPO Group

What are inno labs?

Solutions-oriented inno labs offered by ISPO and NOW Partners support a selected group of companies to develop and test cutting-edge regenerative business solutions.

In this one year journey, the participating companies will discover how to grow their business success together with their positive impact. Participating leaders will also grow their knowledge and skills.

The inno lab journey

How the inno lab experience is structured and what to expect.


Outstanding Experts

ISPO & NOW Partners draw on NOW's worldwide team of over 100 partners and their extensive networks. Expert line up is customized according to each Lab’s needs, and may include the following:

Time investment 

Estimated time investment per person for the 1-year Innovation Lab: 12 days 
Composed of 

  • 6 days for two three day-meetings at the start and end of the NOW Innovation Lab
  • 6 days for working sessions & expert sessions. 

Financial investment

Each selected company will participate with a small team of professionals with a background in sustainability, finance, impact measurement, marketing and strategy.
The program costs for each company team to participate in this one-year Innovation Lab is € 50.000,- per company, excluding travel, accommodation and related costs.  To join this first ISPO & NOW Innovation Lab there is a 40% discount, so the costs are € 30.000,- per company for two participants. Each additional participant pays € 10.000.

Data, information and knowledge of each company will be protected by an NDA signed by all participating persons and organizations. 


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