What to Expect

The inno lab journey: stay at the cutting edge


Each participating company selects a small team of participants (2 – 4 persons) from functions of importance for creating and capturing Regenerative Value Creation. Also, each company selects a challenge, case or opportunity area that it wants to advance towards a concrete outcome. 


Over the course of a year, lab participants will meet 2 x for 3 days in inspiring locations to share and receive information, co-generate insights, co-create new decision-making approaches and experiment with their implementation and scaling.

In between these in person labs, smaller working groups form within and between companies to advance the design and piloting of novel approaches. Zoom calls with the whole group facilitate the ongoing exchange. Expert interactions and virtual learning journeys adapted to concrete needs expand the learning opportunities.


Throughout, participants are supported by each other and outstanding external experts & institutions, a unique AI search engine and a guided innovation process that will harvest insights and outcomes that support L & D in each participating company. 

Why inno labs are different

Community of change-makers from across industries

This inno lab is co-initiated and co-designed by ISPO and NOW Partners. It will further benefit from the input of the other innovative participating companies so that together we create practical supports that are adapted to each company’s situation.

Insights & frameworks from outstanding experts

NOW’s over 100 global partners with a cumulative track record of 2,500 years in leading companies and providing support to others offers a unique network of resources, institutions and partners. Each inno lab team will be selectively activated to support the lab's particular needs.

Ongoing research input via AI search engine

To strengthen the co-creative outcomes of each inno lab we will provide a customized online ”GreenHouse” collaboration space. Here we map out solutions, match them to the shared needs, and help manage outcomes.

Through a combination of AI and human curation, our partner platform provides exponentially easier, faster and better access to sustainability innovations, insights and environmental experts.

Harvesting insights via mixed media

Based on short interviews with the inno lab teams, the most valuable insights will be harvested to create a compelling narrative that can support each company in scaling its Regenerative Value Creation journey internally and externally with their key stakeholders.

What success looks like






Each company participating in the inno lab will:

  • Deeply understand how Regenerative Value Creation can support their business success and their positive impact on people and our planet.
  • Develop an empowered small team of leaders in key positions to further drive Regenerative Value Creation practices into the organization.
  • Develop key insights and practical approaches that are most impactful to their company’s context.  
  • Build a strong network of peer leaders within like-minded companies.
  • Be at the frontier of evolving a system changing method for our overall economy that needs to integrate business success and positive impact on people and planet!