Timeline & Terms

Time investment 

Estimated time investment per person for the 1-year Innovation Lab: 12 days 
Composed of 

  • 6 days for two three day-meetings at the start and end of the NOW Innovation Lab
  • 6 days for working sessions & expert sessions. 

Financial investment

Each selected company will participate with a small team of professionals with a background in sustainability, finance, impact measurement, marketing and strategy.
The program costs for each company team to participate in this one-year Innovation Lab is € 50.000,- per company, excluding travel, accommodation and related costs.  To join this first ISPO & NOW Innovation Lab there is a 40% discount, so the costs are € 30.000,- per company for two participants. Each additional participant pays € 10.000.

Data, information and knowledge of each company will be protected by an NDA signed by all participating persons and organizations.